Is This Really One of the Best Vegas Buffets

First of all, as you find your way through this huge, maze-like resort, you will notice that, as you get closer to its all-you-can-eat eating area, the d? cor finally becomes up-to-date and elegant. You will have the impression that if you have just entered a high-class restaurant rather than an all you can eat diner; this indeed seems to be the updating trend throughout the Strip, though so far only 3 have managed to achieve it (Aria, Treasure Island and this all-you-can-eat). Here, however, there is not enough space between tables, in our opinion, but overall decor will still allow you to feel indulged.

Unfortunately, with the Harrah’s 24-hour pass (more on this later) there are massive line-ups you will have to endure, especially for lunch and dinner. Moreover, the price is also at the top end but, in some ways, it does not translate into a really enjoyable all you can eat experience. This is why:
– The food is generally good, but the range of dishes is so small that you can’t really eat as you would expect to do eat at a place like this.

– It offers nicely cooked vegetables, which is great if you want to try and eat healthily and still enjoy flavor; their quality is above average though not necessarily as good as at the Bellagio (but you will enjoy them).
– Its salad section is unreasonably basic. You would expect this from a low-end diner but never from anything even average. If you love salads, then go somewhere else (the Mirage all-you-can-eat, for example, where they make outstanding salads, all made-to-order).
– Its meat and fish sections are too small. It is good quality, attempting to be gourmet, cooked in front of you just like a modern, high-end restaurant, but if you don’t like one dish you may be hard-pressed to find an alternative.

– Un-resting, loud music was played each time we went. It’s a common trick used to prevent guests from staying longer than strictly necessary (basically because you will not enjoy a relaxing atmosphere) but we find it quite out-of-place in a place attempting to be higher-class. If they have an overcrowding problem (which they may do over a busy weekend, for example), they should expand their seating (but then, what would all those additional people eat?), rather than forcing customers to leave. On the other hand, with their new 24-hour pass, they have encouraged blind gluttony to such a level that perhaps their guests should leave in order not to be ill with overeating.

– Its price. In brief, far too expensive for the small range of dishes. The quality is good but, unless you want to sample only a limited number of dishes and do not mind the cost, not worth the price. There are however ways to obtain 5-dollars off coupons (valid for up to 4 per coupon!), which makes the this ‘all you can eat’ a bit more affordable.

All in all, if you have a 24-hour pass (which may not be the cheapest nor the best way for you to eat in ‘Sin-City’) you must try this place. But, if you wish to try only the best ‘all you can eat’ places in ‘Sin-City’, for example, this would not feature, for the reasons highlighted above.

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